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Market and Business Development

 YOUnified Health's Market and Business Development services allow your revenue generation efforts to thrive.


We extend and augment your team and bring our experience and networks with us. We will provide go-to-market strategy development, existing client development and new client and funnel development. We will aggressively promote your solutions to our network of health care contacts and advisors.


We work on a retainer combined with a commission structure that fits your budget and keeps your Board of Directors from losing their mind with the costs of a direct sales staff.  We bill pre-approved travel expenses at cost.


We will start off with a strategy alignment session using our Real Life Labs Design Thinking format.  We then, based on budget, allocate a set amount of time to pursue short and long term revenue generation efforts.   We do this with direct sales, channel development, and by positioning your solutions within our focused healthcare ecosystem solution set.

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