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Innovative Solutions

The companies we work with are building innovative solutions and platforms that integrate into the healthcare ecosystem and extend capabilities.  The 21st Centuries Cures Act, CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule and rapid advancements in cloud technologies have enable our companies to increasingly address emerging gaps and enhance existing capabilities.  Our clients specialize in communication and engagement platforms, physician augmentation and care automation,  as well as clinical innovation and research.  Our client solutions require minimal to no IT resources and can support the rapidly changing landscape of virtual environments.  The solutions areas that we believe will have a significant impact in the healthcare ecosystem are in engagement with consumers and patients, augmentation of provider workflows, and ability to establish real world evidence of clinical and digital programs.  These areas are:

  • Physician and Research Clinical Innovation Platform 

  • Real World Evidence Market Place

  • Post-Acute Closed Loop Platform for Continuous Care

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Virtual Visits with Digital Transcription

  • Digital Voice Transcription for Clinical Notes

  • Conversational AI Chatbots with No Code Design Studio

  • No Code Integrations

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